DJ Doza


“Providing Royal Treatment Through Music”

Music is the language that connects all walks of life. And DJ Doza speaks the language fluently! Born and raised in Chicago's Windy City, DJ Doza’s love for music was heavily influenced by the Chicago house music scene. Doza has had the pleasure of entertaining international crowds, having been featured as a guest DJ at numerous five-star resorts. Doza, A sensitive soul with a passion for facilitating a good time and community connection. He has a unique repertoire of keeping the crowd entertained through mixing any genre of music & incorporating different musical elements to keep the crowd dancing & having a great time. In addition to making crowds rock, DOZA is also a speaker and life coach, with specialization in transgender mens experience, social transition, and social support for gender affirmation procedures. DOZA’s energy on stage is also matched by the intention and support he provides to clients and community members. Doza is the total package, encouraging everyone to be true to themselves and enjoy life. Doza's magnetic personality is reflected in his slogan, "Royal Treatment Through Music"