Chosen Services

We offer a truly holistic consulting model with expertise in organizational development and planning, education and curriculum development, leadership development and trauma therapy through a lens that center's intersectional understandings of race, age, socioeconomic status, and LGBTQIA+ and gender inclusion. While we believe education is a vital aspect of shifting or enhancing an environment, sustaining a culture of social justice and responsibility is ineffective if not met with a shared vision and intentional organizational strategy, and action.

Most Requested Workshops & Community Engagement

Identity & Inclusion Team Building Workshops

Our team holds expertise in multiple areas that include Anti-Racism, race, environmentalism, trans/gender inclusion, and artistic critique. We can develop and facilitate thoughtful, engaging, and community building based workshops for any team and/or organization.

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Strategic Planning and Organizational Consulting

Is your organization thinking of engaging a full DEI strategic planning process? We offer a holistic and data driven approach to working towards organizational equity.

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Retreat & Community Building

Hosts yearly national and international travel and retreat spaces for BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA+ folks who do community, care-centered and/or organizing work. We also offer the ability to plan and host retreat's for your orgnanization and/or group.

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Leadership & Employee Resource Group Coaching

Chosen Collective is proud to offer 3 or 6 month employee resource group coaching to support the successful launch and/or improved impact of current Employee Resource Groups (ERGS) for underrepresented people within your organization.This includes Black, Latinx, Women’s, Asian Pacific Islander Diaspora, LGBTQIA+ and disability/accessibility. Our holistic coaching ensures the wellness of group leaders and the successful development of goals, vision, implementation strategy and support.

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Keynotes or Event Hosting

One of our talented consultants can provide keynote at a conference, professional development activity and/or group outing. Our talented speakers/ experts are poised to inspire your audience with an informative and thought provoking space that engages issues of identity, equity, inclusion, and experience. We even have an amazing DJ to ensure a successful and memorable space.

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Health & Wellness

Our team offers a holistic and trauma informed approach to health and wellness. Consultants can provide individual coaching for community members and/or providers offering inclusive services. Our consultants have specialization in transgender and gender-diverse behavioral health, depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, substance abuse and grief.

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Breaking it Down: Understanding Gender Identity, Expression & Pronouns

It is imperative that we treat people the way they want to be treated. This workshop series breaks down important language, terminology and best practices for cultivating a climate of inclusion for trans and gender expansive people. Through self-reflection and tangible skill building through scenarios, participants will leave having debunked myths related to gender neutral pronouns like “they/them” and strategies for learning and using unfamiliar pronouns.

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Areas of Expertise

Identity, Equity, & Inclusion

Anti- Racism and Anti-Blackness

Undocumented Experience and Related Policies

Gender & Sexuality

Inclusive systems, forms, and processes

Positionality and privilege

Planning immediate and long-term response to bias incidents

Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Community Engagement

Social Work and Non-Profit

Best Practices for Transgender Care and Services

Climate Assessment & Action Plan

Climate Assessment & Action Plan

Hiring & Retention

Assessment & Strategic Planning Around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Effective Committee Engagement & Action

Space Holding & Healing

Community Engagement Practices

Ethical leadership and Corporate social responsibility 

Climate survey development and

Education & Curriculum Development

Asynchronous, blended, and synchronous online curriculum development

Formative and summative classroom assessment techniques

Course observation, feedback, and professional development for first-time online instructors

Developing an engaging online course

Equity-oriented adult learning theories

Interactive online pedagogy using Adobe Articulate, Storyline, Flipgrid, Zoom, Camtasia, and Google

Accessibility compliance review for
online platforms