Chosen Collective Reset Retreats is a space for folks of color, and/or LGBTQIA+ folks, who are administrators, advocates, DEI practitioners, educators, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and/or those with aspirations to do so. Chosen organizes yearly retreats to Costa Rica and also curates retreats for individuals and groups with the purpose of relaxation, connection, exploration, and preparing to take on transformative work ahead.Interested in a retreat for self or your organization?

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2024 Reset-Retreats

"Holistic Healing & Wellness Reset-Retreat"
July 3rd-9th

Healing from Within is the 2nd annual ALL INCLUSIVE wellness retreat from Spiritus Wellness in collaboration with Chosen Collective, July 3rd - 9th, 2024 Limón, Costa Rica. This all inclusive retreat covers flight, transportation, accommodations, private chef, wellness lessons, excursions, & more. Our wellness retreats are for BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ people who are: Executive leaders, Educators, Organizers, Social workers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists.

Zami will support you in building more mental and emotional resilience when engaging in your wellness practice by addressing internal narratives about wellness and self. This immersive and holistic retreat will be a mix of emotional and spiritual healing for participants, while also healing and strengthening for your physical body. This experience will feature all new wellness workshops curated to liberate your wellness practice. Within a community of support, you will identify daily sustainable wellness practices while also learning to use herbs and food to help heal your body and relationship with food.

What are your “internal narratives"?
Your core beliefs about self– including the positive, negative as well as neutral thoughts that you hold  about your abilities and self-worth. Your internal narratives are the stories you tell yourself and invest in from childhood to present that impact your conscious and unconscious biases. These biases impact your emotional and mental bodies and ultimately shape how you process daily interactions and make decisions.

Healing our internal narratives will help you:

  • Live a more confident, joyful and abundant life
  • Release anxieties and fears that hold you back
  • Create sustainable and affirming daily rituals 
  • Map out your goals and desires from a grounded place,
    as opposed to a fearful one

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“Día Del Afrodescendienté” Costa Rican Caribbean Tour
               August 28th- September 3rd, 2024

Nowhere like Limón, Limónense is the land of freedom” are the lyrics written by famed calypso artist Herbert Linky Glinton. The Limón province, located on the Caribbean/Atlantic coast is rich in Black & Indigenous culture and histories of thriving and community organizing. Here, Marcus Garvey dreamed and initiated his plan for the “Black Star Line” – his response to exploited Black labor and discrimination in the Western Hemisphere. This organizing work was done in the backdrop of beautiful beaches, rich soil, and lush green landscapes. Limón is beauty and magic.

We will visit during Día Del Afrodescendienté– when the country honors and celebrates Black Caribbean history, culture and communal impact. Tours will include the Afrodescendiente Parade & Celebration, the cacao plant and its significance to Black people and initial caretakers of the land, the indigenous Bribri. You will also have the opportunity to indulge in self-care practices like massages, swim under waterfalls and lay on Black sand beaches while being nourished by Chosen family.
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Curated Retreats

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Reset-Retreat Testimonials

“From beginning to end, we moved through beautiful lush Costa Rica in style, experiencing so much love and joy in abundance. Our excursion guides were knowledgeable, personable, and warm. They made sure that every day, every activity, every meal was meaningful. They created this retreat with intention and it showed."
Dr. Sy and Dr. Danielle Simmons, Gender & Social Work Professor and & Therapist

“The Chosen Collective Retreat is an act of love. The love between guides, husband and wife, Dio and Kris who showed up for us each with joy, readiness and seamless adaptability. Together they crafted a space for healing and exploration with what felt like divine timing. The love for the diversity and lush nature of Costa Rica, met with the generous spirit of its people.The love for given family, those past and present in Limón, felt in celebrations, in passing, and in the warm friendly shores of the Atlantic. The love of chosen kin in the twelve of us— Black, Brown, trans, queer— a community made and extended with such ease. I moved through the days, through the tours, lessons, beaches, performances, meals, waterfall, national park, massage, nights out dancing- and can’t believe it was only six days. This experience was transformative and poured into me in ways I couldn’t anticipate. Until next time, thank you! Pura vida.
Elizabeth Mudenyo, Arts Administrator & Poet

"Chosen Collective offered a lovely retreat experience that felt like a sanctuary. Their attention to detail in planning one's travel, lodging, and food was top quality! The experiences of visiting different areas of Costa Rica, and learning various stories of the nation's past, including the stories and contributions of black Costa Ricans, offered enriching perspectives. Book with them if you are interested in a safe, culturally-rich, and fun-filled retreat!."
-Dr. Yveline  Alexis, Caribbean Studies Professor & Author