Dio Aldridge, MSW/M.A.


Hailing from strong Afro-Caribbean and Latinx roots, Dio Aldridge, pronouns he/él, is a Blatinx Trans man born in Limón, Costa Rica and raised in Southern California. Growing up in the household of a Baptist minister and Social Worker proved to be formative in shaping his passion and work in community building, engagement, organizational development, education and art.

Dio has spent over 9 years in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion education and organizational development and is the Co- Founder & CEO of Chosen Collective Consulting & Reset-Retreats, LLC. Chosen, co-founded with his partner Kristen Surla, MeD. Chosen supports organizations in shifting towards a climate of equity, justice and inclusion while intentionally centering wellness and care for BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ folks by delivering strategic planning, organizational workshops and hosting international reset-retreats. Dio welcomes the opportunity to engage in difficult, transformative, and necessary dialogue and believes that dialogue must be matched with a plan and action. Dio also believes in a good nap. 

Dio earned his Bachelors of Arts in Black Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a Dual Masters in Social Work & Social Justice with a specialization in leadership and development in social services from Loyola University Chicago.